The most valuable asset in your business will be your email list (which we will set up next week!). It is the only place you actually own your customer data so it’s important to built it strong from day one. The key to success when it comes to email list building, is an irresistible freebie that will attract your audience and encourage them to join your email list through a high converting list building funnel!

Your Freebie/Lead Magnet is what is going to grow your email list so that you have a list of people to launch to!

A freebie, also know as a lead magnet:

  • Is offering a valuable freebie to your ideal customers. By providing something of value for free, you are demonstrating your expertise and goodwill, which encourages people to reciprocate by joining your email list and becoming more engaged with your brand.
  • You want people on your list! Building an email list is crucial for maintaining direct communication with your audience and nurturing relationships over time.
  • When you address your specific audiences pain points, desires or interest, you attract an audience who are interested in your niches and more likely to engage with your future offerings.
  • A well-crafted freebie allows you to showcase your expertise and establish yourself as a trusted authority in the industry.
  • By delivering valuable content, you demonstrate your commitment to helping your customers and establish a connection based on trust. This leads to long term customer loyalty.
  • A freebie serves as an entry point for your sales funnel. Once people join your email list, you can nurture them with additional valuable content, and eventually introduce them to your paid products or services.

You have already created an AWESOME digital product. That was the hard part! Now let’s create the freebie that will drive people to your paid digital product!

So…what makes a good Freebie? 

Your Freebie needs to be something that is DIRECTLY related to your digital product offer. It needs to leave your customer with a small, but tangible win, but also wanting more. A freebie should be related to your paid products in some way or another. You want to use your freebie to warm someone up to your paid product.

The key is to give them valuable information, give them a taste of what you can offer and help them, and break down common objections that your ideal customer might have about your solution.

The freebie is a valuable resource that you offer your audience in exchange for their name and email address.

You want your audience to say “WOW! I can’t believe she/he is giving this much information away for FREE!”

I’ve built all of my freebies, digital products, and product images in Canva. They even have templates you can edit and use.

Now remember, your freebie doesn’t have to be another digital product, it could even be a free video training or workshop etc.

When you are starting to build a freebie…I want you to think…

What does my audience need to understand, be aware of, or believe in order to want or need my paid digital product down the road?

Please use the templates and Facebook group for feedback to create your winning Freebie!