The truth about branding is that it is so much more than colors, fonts, and the way YOU look.

The whole purpose of selecting colors, fonts and photos are to covey a feeling to your ideal customer. How do you want them to feel? 

All the things you do will be a reflection of your brand, your brand values and the things that are important to you.


So many people get hung up on this because they want it to be pretty and perfect. But I am here to tell you that DONE is better than waiting til perfect, and you will change/evolve it over time. 

Brand Name

If you aren’t selling products, you don’t have to focus on the brand name but if you are selling products or courses or anything in the future focus on your brand name. This is a big decision!

The best brand names are the ones that clearly communicate what you’re about! For example: I have a product named “The Ultimate Social Media Toolkit” and you got multiple resources in a toolkit to help you succeed with social media. My Brand Name is Modern Money Queen- I am helping people make money the modern way with social media and online digital products. 

Coming up with a name means taking some time to do some serious brainstorming. If ideas aren’t your thing I’ve got some tips for you too!

  • Make it unique: Think outside of the box for coming up with your name. Use adjectives to describe your brand.
  • Keep it easy to remember
  • Avoid confusing words and extra punctuations
  • Think about the future
  • Incorporate your Name

While clever names are fun and exciting, sometimes people may not understand them. Make sure it is CLEAR.

TIP: think back on the keywords that were a part of your research! 

TIP: if you are a coach, or influencer, it is likely your business name is YOU!

Branding Elements

Now, I don’t want you to think that colors, fonts etc isn’t of importance when branding. They are, but it is so easy to get caught up here. As you create more content and evolve you can perfect it even more!

Use the Worksheets to help you with your branding but please don’t get stuck here.

The basic branding elements that go into quality branding are:

  • Brand Tone (how you/you’re brand is percieved)
  • Brand Style (how your brand looks and make the customer feel)
  • Brand Values (the things that are impotant to you and your brand)
  • Brand Story (your story)

Use the attached worksheets to work on your branding and find your brand voice.