Ideally you want to be emailing your contacts at least weekly, more often if you’re having a sale or launching a product.

Freebie Workflow/Sequence

To deliver your freebie you will need an email workflow in your email provider, and you will need another one for your paid offer.

Since most people won’t buy your offer on the first point of contact, your freebie sequence/workflow is SUPER important. It helps build a relationship with your buyer to help them build trust in you and in your product that can solve their problem.

Now, let’s talk about your automations AFTER your freebie is delivered. If you want to make money IN YOUR SLEEP,you have to be constantly delivering value and driving people to your offers from a series of emails that will sell your digital product for you.

Pretty cool right??

Here is an example of a workflow for when a customer signs up for your freebie:

  • 1st Email Immediately after signing up for your freebie: Welcome email with access to the freebie
  • 2nd Email the next day: Email introducing yourself. Tell your story and why you created your paid offer. Give details about your offer and explain the problem it has solved for you (and your other customers).
  • 3rd Email the next day: Connect with them, offer support, have they opened the freebie?
  • 4th Email the next day: Tell a story and connect with them
  • 5th Email the next day: Speak directly about the transformation your product provides.
  • 6th Email the next day: ASK FOR THE SALE! Tell a story connecting to your offer, tell them what they will learn, tell them how excited you are about your offer.

After this you would continue on into a sales sequence that is a series of emails that lead your potential customer through how your product can help solve their problems, they answer any FAQs, they go over objections, they give vision to the reader…..and they help you make sales.

*Here is a video that walks you through how to create a workflow in Flodesk to deliver your Freebie.

*Here are the steps to create an email workflow in Captivation Hub:

  • Create new workflow
  • Add Trigger (form submission from your opt-in form)
  • Add tag (tag the customer in what they opt-ed in)
  • Send email

DON’T PANIC- I am giving you my best performing email templates you can use to set up your freebie sequence!

You will eventually need to add more, but this gets you started!


  • Ask questions at the end of emails that are engaging and conversational. Examples: Did you ever think we would live in a world where we could have a Dr. visit online?! Crazy right?!
  • You can send them another email with another freebie that will help them, or a link to a free training session. Just a little something. They WILL NOT expect more free value from you. Start this email with “I have something for you that you didn’t know you wanted”
  • In your endings, think of empowering statements that let them know it’s okay if they aren’t ready to buy yet. To continue to follow you, let them know you will be here to help them when they are ready. 

**In my upcoming Membership for Online Business Owners I provide templates for email series that covers freebie emails, product emails, sales sequences and more. *doors opening soon!*