Now that you have worked through deciding on a profitable niche, you have done some market research on who you THINK would be your ideal customer… let’s actually NARROW DOWN your ideal customer.

Every heard someone say “when you try to appeal to everyone, you appeal to no one?”

This rings true for most online businesses, social media, etc. You need to know EXACTLY who you are talking to. When you talk to a specific person, you then are speaking to many of that same specific person.

Example: Lululemon was created for those who practice Yoga to have athletic wear that was practical for yoga. They did not start out marketing to runners, weightlifters, moms etc…it was all about Yogis first. A very specific set of people.

A profitable digital product, or any product for that matter, solves a specific problem for a very specific person

So….how do we know who our ideal client actual is? Ask yourself— “WHO DOES MY NICHE/PRODUCT IDEA HELP?”

I have mapped out some questions and worksheets to help you get really clear on who you are speaking to, who you are selling to, who you are creating your product for, who you will create social media content (if you choose to) for…basically you will think of this one person every step of the way going forward.

Try to get as specific as possible with each questions. You will dig deep into your ideal customers age, income, daily activities, goals, family life etc.