Market Research sounds scary and a little out of your comfort zone right?

Honestly, it is simply talking with people who you would label as your ideal customer and listening to what they struggle with and what they need to succeed. The more you listen, the better you will be able to relate to them when you are creating your content/product.

When you are having the conversations or looking at comments on a blog/social site to see what your ideal customers are saying, take note of all the comments that elaborate on their current problems (I’ve tried XYZ but it isn’t helping.)

You can talk to folks, look at professional sites, look at Facebook groups, Reddit forums, Google, Social Media,, etc to find the conversations and questions you are looking for. Use a Google Sheet to record the data, send out a poll/quiz to interested people, quiz your friends, jump in a Facebook group and ask….. It doesn’t matter HOW you do the research, only that YOU DO IT. It could be the difference of a profitable digital product, and one that flops.

Use the attached worksheets to complete this process and take the guesswork out of finalizing a profitable niche and product that you are excited about.