Finally! Niche explained in a way that actually makes some sense!

Now I know that the word “niche” makes most new business owners, content creators and everyone else run and hide. 

I have mixed feelings on it because there is SOOOO much information out there on if you should niche way way down…nope not that..whoops to much…no not enough. You get it.

Take your time with this lesson. Understand that narrowing down and becoming clear on your niche takes time, but start now. As you evolve and grow, things will change and that is OKAY. 

Your niche is a WHAT problem you solve for WHO.

That’s it. Focus on that!

What problem are you solving? 

Who do you want to attract with your products and content?

Who do you care about and what are you helping them with?

Be okay with the fact you may not get your niche perfect the first time around. That is NORMAL and to be expected!

I can’t stress enough you should pick something that you’re passionate about and something that you won’t get tired of talking and teaching about.

Your passion and excitement will shine through your content, your products and everything you do.

Now, you need to have excitement, knowledge and passion behind what you are doing…but you also need to back it up with market research (next lesson!). You need to make sure there is a market for your niche and that people are interested in it.

Use the attached worksheets to work through narrowing down and nailing your niche.

Health, Wealth and Relationships are considered the main three areas of life people want to improve in. These three areas are fundamental to people’s well-being and happiness. Many individuals strive to achieve success and fulfillment in these areas. Does your niche fit into one of these three? If not that’s okay! It doesn’t have to!

If you are looking for additional help coming up with a profitable niche- post in the Facebook group, check out the additional resources in the course and attend a live Q&A session!