By now you probably have tons of ideas for your digital product. Time to brain dump them all out and start weeding them down. How you do this is not important– getting them all out is.

Before you begin, consider your niche, your target audience and the unique space you bring to the digital world. Your digital product should align with the interests and preferences of your audience.

Your digital product is an extensions of YOU so it should reflect something you are passionate about, something you are enthusiastic about and something that you can help someone go from point A to point B with.

By using your skills, you are creating a valuable product that also has authenticity and uniqueness.

Think about the pain points of your target audience…your digital product should be the answer/fix to their challenges. No matter if it is an e-book, google sheet, course, recording…..your digital product should directly address the struggles your target audience faces.

Think long term when creating your digital product. Can it be expanded upon or scaled? Are their other products you can create that would be the next step for your customers who use your digital product?

A successful product has the potential for growth, additional features and ongoing relevance. Plan to scale your digital product to maximize the longevity and impact your digital product will make.

Choosing the perfect digital product is such a fun adventure-sometimes nerve racking. Remember that your digital product is not just a product to sell….it is a solution. A value-packed solution that provides your audience with what they need to succeed.

Got all your ideas listed out somewhere? (pen and paper, sticky notes, spreadsheet). Okay good. Now it is times to start weeding them out!

Step 1: Remove any ideas you just simply do not want to do.

Step 2: Remove any that really don’t make sense, but seemed good to write down at the time.

Step 3: Remove the ones that may take too long to create (if you want to create a big digital course, YAY! Awesome! But lets table that one for now- is there a smaller digital product you can make that will lead to that course?)

Step 4: Rank your remaining ideas based on how easy it will be for you to create

Step 5: Rank your remaining ideas based on how easy it will be for your ideal customer to solve their problem with.

Now Choose ONE!

Write this down: The Product I am Creating Is: __________________. And come share it in the Facebook group so we can celebrate with you and cheer you on!