Learning how to serve your customers is one of the most important things when it comes to running a successful online business.

Some of your end goals may be:

  1. to make more sales
  2. get more social media followers
  3. get more views
  4. get more comments
  5. work with brands

While all of these are GREAT goals, and honestly things we all need to have a growing, profitable online business……

BUT your motivation behind all the content you put out (both in your products and social media content) should be motivated by the results your AUDIENCE/CUSTOMER will get. You want everything you provide to give VALUE to your customer and give them the best possible result.

THAT is going to be the difference marker in how successful you are.

Think about what their end goals may be:

  1. Goals to go from ___ to ____
  2. What are their struggles and how you can help?
  3. How can you give them the best experience?
  4. How can you help them be successful with their goals?
  5. How can you provide them with value?

Use the worksheet attached to describe your customers goals and how you can help them.