Before we dive into anything else, you need to figure out exactly who you are. It’s time to get to know YOU. This is where you will formulate your base product idea.

Your ideal product will come from a combination of your own results, skills, knowledge and passions.

You might be awesome at spreadsheets but you use them every day in your 9-5 and hate it…so you are not passionate about them. But maybe you decorate cakes on the side, or just for family members, but you LOVE IT. While you might not have an formal qualifications for it, your family always tells you how amazing they are and on Facebook when you post the picture you get comments such as “WOW! So amazing!” “Where did you learn to do that?” “Your cakes taste amazing!” “How did you decorate that?!”

Let me ask you a question….. if you were not doing this to make money and were only creating a digital product to sell because it truly brings you joy, what would you create to sell?

If you focus solely on money, money won’t come or it will be very short lived. Remember when we discussed your WHY? Making money shouldn’t be your main WHY (if it is, go back to that lesson and really dig deep). Money can be associated with your why, (example: if you have more money, you are able to freely allow your kids to get their favorite snacks at the grocery store) but your why has too be deeper than “I want more money”.

When you shift your focus of creating something out of joy and passion, something that you can talk about day in and day out, you will attract the people who want to buy your product and that will lead to a lasting and sustainable online business.

Use the worksheet attached to start brainstorming digital product ideas that YOU are passionate about.