You will need a place to host and store your Digital Product and a “funnel” to get them from free download to buying customer. There are many different programs and host sites for digital products. I have used many and believe there a different reasons for each person to choose which one they want.

Your Opt-In Sales Funnel

A sales funnel is the process potential customers go through to become an actual customer. Each step of the funnel takes the buyer one step closer to making a purchase. A sales funnel typically begins with an “opt-in” page where potential customers will enter their email address in exchange for something of value (usually for free). This is where you begin creating your email list. 

Once you’ve created your lead magnet and set up your email delivery sequence, the next step is to create a list building funnel that has a standalone opt-in page to collect names and emails inside your email service provider, a thank you page so your new subscribers know their information was received and what steps to take net to access the lead magnet.

*Advanced- Once they enter their email, they are redirected to a thank you page where you can offer them your paid digital product with a mini-sales page where you are educating them on your product and how it can help solve their problem. (if there is no opt-in, it’s a full sales page before an order page) If they choose to learn more about what you are offering, it will redirect them to an order page where they can check out and then a thank you page again.

You want to use an opt-in with a lead magnet or freebie because you will continue to collect emails which you can nurture to turn into customers in the future.

3 things to keep in mind when you start building your opt-in page:

1. Use an Opt-in Page Template: Most website platforms and email service providers provide templates for you to use that are simple drag and drop.

2. Keep your Opt-In Page simple. You want to provide value, but avoid filling the page with a ton of information. Focus on what transformation your audience will get if they download your freebie.

3. Use a call-to-action to give a clear promise about the transformation your adience will get/feel/experience by the information provided in your lead magnet. For Example: Organize your Pantry in 1 hour with this checklist!”

All high-converting opt-in pages follow a specific formula. They all have these 5 main elements

1. An Enticing Offer: Your offer needs to be clear, focused and relevant. Make sure you define the pain point your audience has and how your freebie is the solution they need. 

2. Clear call to action on page: Make sure your audience can follow your page directly to a call to action to sign up.

3. Simple Registration Process: Make the form simple and easy for your audience to register with. The less you ask for, the more likely someone is going to sign up. I suggest just asking for first name and email address.

4. Thank you page/confirmation page: Make sure after they hit submit they are redirected to a thank you page so your new subscribers will be certian their information was recieved. This page should also give your new subscribrs their next steps so they know where to go and what to do to access the lead magnet/freebie you promised. ( I DO NOT RECOMMEND PUTTING A LINK TO YOUR LEAD MAGNET ON YOUR THANK YOU PAGE. YOU WANT TO GET YOUR SUBSCRIBERS IN THE HABIT OF OPENING EMAILS FROM YOU).

5. Once you have your opt-in and thank you pages set up, you will want to make sure they are integrated with your email service provider. As each new lead is added to your email list, you can send them a delivery email automatically with their freebie/leadmagnet. 

Your “Store”

Your store is where you can house all your freebie and products all in one place for your customer to see. There are many options for this such as: Stan, Flodesk, your own website, link tree, etc.

Where can you build your Opt-In Page & Store?

Here is where you will have to make some decisions.

Flodesk creates beautiful templates for sales pages, checkout pages, link in bio and does your email marketing! I cannot say enough good things about Flodesk. You get to trail EVERYTHING (yes- the highest tier) on me for FREE for a month here plus get 50% off your first year!

Stan Store is very popular & beginner friendly. It can simply the sales process for you with high-converting descriptions and sales pages vs long pages. Your “main link” will also be your link in bio page. Try it for free for 2 weeks on me here!

Captivation Hub makes it super easy to build out funnels, host your products, link in bio and email marketing! Check it out here!

Kajabi,, Clickfunnels and your own website are also options!

**For detailed instructions on setting up a store in each of these, please see the PDF Guide for the course.**

For more funnel building help post in the Facebook group and/or join the Online Business Growth Community for sales templates & more! – coming soon!